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    How to Win at Roulette

    Play UK makes playing the best online roulette UK games the most fun you’re likely to have on the web and we give you everything that you need to win while having the time of your life!

    If you are new to online casino, and to roulette specifically, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the basics of how different roulette games work and share the best tips and strategies for getting the most out of your roulette gaming at Play UK.

    Getting the Basics Down

    Online roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the UK, rivalling even slot machines, because, just like a slot game, it is easy to play and there is plenty of variation, keeping it interesting from one spin to the next. New players are often a bit intimidated by the layout of the game table as the numbered grid can make the game look more complicated than it actually is.

    The good news is that once you have the basics of roulette down, making even the most daring or complicated wagers become child’s play. That is the real beauty of this classic casino game – there really is no bet or strategy that is beyond you and, with a little practice, you’ll soon be able to rule any table that you choose to play at, from the glitz and glamour of LasVegas, to the comfort of your own bedroom.

    Before learning how to win at roulette, understanding the basics of the game will go a long way in how you do at the tables. Play UK features a fantastic selection which includes a wide range of virtual tables (software-based games that feature random number generator technology), as well as exciting live dealer games, giving you a real roulette expierence with the convenience that comes with playing online. Many of our roulette games can be played for free, giving you much-needed opportunities to practice different wagers, strategies and tips.

    What are the Basic Elements of a Roulette Game?

    No matter which type of roulette you play, virtual, live or even land-based roulette, they all contain the same basic elements.
    These elements include:

    • The roulette table
    • The wheel
    • The ball
    • The currency
    • Live roulette games will have a live croupier
    • Virtual roulette games are controlled via software (RNG)

    The Aim of the Game

    The aim of roulette is quite simple; predict which number the tiny metal ball will land on when the wheel has stopped spinning. The roulette wheel is neatly divided into numbered segments which correspond with a numbered grid on the table. By placing your bets on the table, you can make a wide range of wagers, depending on the sort of bet you want to make. Chips can be placed directly on a number, on a group of numbers, a line, or even a colour, with plenty of other options worth exploring. Just like in blackjack, players around the table are playing against the house (the casino) and not against each other (like in poker).

    The Name of the Game

    Roulette comes in a few different version and knowing how each works can make all the difference to how successful your sessions will be.
    There are three main roulette types:

    • French roulette
    • European roulette
    • American roulette

    French Roulette

    A good way to think of the French version is as the original granddaddy of roulette as it still contains the original betting options in French. This version is very popular, both in brick and mortar casinos and online for a number of reasons. For one, some believe that being able to play with the original French bet terminology adds a lot more authenticity and excitement to the game. Not only are the original French wagering options intriguing, they also offer several advantages to players. For example, La Partage or ‘The Divide’ is an even money bet option only found in the French version. Basically, whenever the ball lands on zero, all even money wagers will only lose half their value, as the casino will divide the wagers evenly between the house and the players. The La Partage rule effectively cuts the house edge from 2.7% all the way down to just 1.35%.

    European Roulette

    European roulette is the modern version of the French style with all wagering terminology in English and the traditional bet options like La Partage and En Prison are removed. European roulette is a fast and streamlined game with a house edge of 2.7% and a single zero, just like the French version. In every other way the games are the same and are both hugely popular at Play UK and are available as both virtual games and live roulette online options on desktop and mobile.

    American Roulette

    American roulette is often thought of as the most challenging version to play and is usually not recommended for casual roulette players or novices. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that American roulette contains not one but two zero positions, known as the single zero on one side of the wheel, and the double zero on the other side of the wheel. Because American roulette features two zero positions, the house edge is much higher than both French and European versions at a rather hefty 5.26%.

    How Getting to Know the Roulette Wheel Can Help You Win

    The wheel is the central piece of the game and the most important, since this is the device that determines who wins and who loses. So, it makes sense that understanding how the numbers are placed around the wheel, along with the meanings of the different colours on the wheel, can be quite an advantage when you play. We’ve already uncovered the fact that American and European roulette are a bit different from each other, and this is also reflected in their respective wheels. Since the American version has that pesky extra zero position (the double zero), it means that there is one more segment on the wheel than you would find with the French or European wheel. The American wheel contains a total of 38 segments or spaces, while the French and European wheels both contain 37 segments.

    How Do the Numbers Work Around the Wheels?

    When you see the wheel for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking that the numbers that surround the wheel have been placed in a random fashion. After all, they do not appear to make any real sense, that is, until you take a closer look. The clever thing about the wheel is that numbers that are placed in direct opposition (across the wheel from each other) are always consecutive. So, for example, 26 Black is directly opposite 25 Red, while 9 Red is directly opposite to 10 Black and so forth. You will also notice that the way in which the sequence of numbers run on both wheels are a bit different too. If we started with the single zero (green) position at the top or 12 o’clock position, and counted anti-clockwise, our two different wheel styles would look like this:

    American Wheel Sequence

    0, 2, 14, 35, 23, 4, 16, 33, 21, 6, 18, 31, 19, 8, 12, 29, 25, 10, 27, 00, 1, 13, 36, 24, 3, 15, 34, 22, 5, 17, 32, 20, 7, 11, 30, 26, 9, 28

    European (and French) Wheel Sequence

    0, 26, 3, 35, 12, 28, 7, 29, 18, 22, 9, 31, 14, 20, 1, 33, 16, 24, 5, 10, 23, 8, 30, 11, 36, 13, 27, 6, 34, 17, 25, 2, 21, 4, 19, 15, 32

    Playing the Colours around the Wheel

    This is one of the most popular wagering options, especially if you’re new to the game or just enjoy a casual few spins, is the even money or ‘outside bet’ on colours. There are three main colours used in roulette – red, black and green. While green is reserved solely for zero numbers (as a way to tell them apart from other numbers at a glance), every other number is either red or black. This allows you to make a really easy bet on either red or black coming in on the next round. Since the red and black colours alternate evenly around the wheel, you always have a 50/50 chance of winning at roulette, which is pretty good odds compared to a number of the other bet options available.

    Roulette Bet Options and Relative Odds – What’s Your Best Bet to Win?

    Roulette is an extremely inclusive casino game, which accounts for its never-ending popularity at Play UK. One of the main reasons for this lies in the fact that roulette offers a wide range of options to suit all levels of skill and experience as well as playing budget. There are two main bet types: outside wagers and inside wagers. These are also arranged according to the layout of the table, making it easy to see where you should bet, based on your preferences.

    How inside wagers work

    The term ‘inside wagers’ is used to describe any bet that can be placed within the numbered grid on the table. These can be anything from playing on a single number, giving you the highest possible payout of 35:1 for a win, to placing bets on a line of numbers, an intersection and so forth. Inside wagers are generally considered to be a bit more challenging but are also more exciting, ideal for more experienced players or daredevils (or both).

    How Outside wagers work

    Outside wagers are very popular with Play UK roulette fans as they are simple and quick wagers to make, giving you tons of fun along with easy wager options, solid odds and quick wins. Outside wagers are so-named because they can be found outside the number grid on the table. Outside wagers pay out at 1:1 (even money), or 2:1, depending on the type of bet placed. The most popular outside wagers include playing on a colour (either red or black) to win, bets on odd or even numbers to win, or on either a low or high number to win.

    What are Your Chances? A List of Betting Options, Odds and Payouts

    Knowing what all of your bet options are on the table as well as their relevant payout for, as well as the odds of actually winning, is a great way to determine your game strategy for maximizing your chances of success. The following shows the wagering options, odds and payouts in both American and European roulette.

    Easy Ways to Avoid Losing Consistently

    Like any online casino game, roulette has its ups and downs and sometimes you will find winning easy, while at other times not so much. Having said that, there are a few easy ways which you can adopt to avoid losing more often. These are simple ideas which are equally easy to incorporate into your daily game, eventually developing into good solid winning habits that are a great addition to your overall roulette goals. Let’s break them down here.

    Don’t change your game plan midway through your game:

    While it may seem like a good idea at the time, changing your strategy halfway through your game is not a good idea at all. It will create chaos, confusion and disorder in your attack and ultimately only succeed in reducing your bankroll much faster.

    Never chase losses:

    Just like changing your game plan halfway through usually spells disaster, chasing losses will more than likely lead to a fast exit from your game. It is far more constructive to spend time developing a stronger and more effective strategy and spend some time practicing various strategies with some of PlayUK’s free roulette games.

    Have faith in your game plan:

    If you need to bet small when you’ve entered a no-luck streak, while others are winning every round, so be it! Stick with you game and have the faith to know your luck will turn eventually, until then, stick to conservative wagers so you can make it through.

    Pick the right strategy:

    Picking the best strategy that suit your overall goals, style of play and bankroll can go a long way in helping you to win consistently and realise your objectives for the session.

    Roulette Strategies and Tips that Work

    Contrary to the popular belief that the house always wins, by adopting a solid betting strategy and employing a few simple and effective tips and tricks, you will (more often than not) win at roulette games. To win more than you lose, simply apply the following core strategies and combining them with your preferred (or favourite) strategy, for the ultimate online roulette game plan!

    The Three Elements of Roulette Strategy

    Bankroll Management

    Learning how to properly manage your bankroll is the foundation for positive and rewarding (winning) roulette sessions. There are no roulette strategies that will yield instant results within the first few spins. In most cases you’re looking at a sustained play so managing your resources effectively is the best way to achieve your strategy goals. It also takes time to recognise patterns within a game and follow the rise and fall of ‘hot’ versus ‘cold’ streaks.

    Playing the 50-50 Game

    If you’re looking for an effective way to sustain your presence at the table, consider the 50-50 approach. Seasoned veterans understand that it can take some time to recognise cycles within roulette and will often spend a few rounds making small (yet effective) even money or 50-50 (outside) wagers. This also a great way to steadily and safely build up your bankroll and, when you feel ready for a longer session, you can switch over to your usual strategy used for bigger wagers.

    Switching Between Outside Wagers and Inside Wagers

    Both outside wagers and inside wagers come with their own set of pros and cons. However, when it comes to actually playing the game, experienced players will often play a mix of the two, using outside bet options for a safe and effective build up, with quick forays into the inside grid for maximum volatility and returns. Sticking to outside wagers when you are still learning the game is also a great way to enjoy the game whilst staying relatively safe. Once you have a strong enough bankroll, venturing out into the middle of the table can add tremendous excitement and potentially huge returns.


    Play UK offers a great range of roulette variations, many of which you can play for free, a great way to experiment with our tips, tricks and strategies.

    More Great Roulette Tips to Winning

    While roulette online may be, at its heart, a game of chance and random results, there is still plenty of great strategy tips which you can implement into your game to maximise your chances of winning more often than not. This includes knowing which game to choose, which wagers are best avoided, and exploring various roulette systems to find what works best for your needs.

    Choosing Your Game

    The roulette game that you ultimately choose to play can have a massive influence on your overall experience of the game. While there are many variation now available including live roulette, mini roulette, double ball and more, what it really boils down to is choosing whether to play the American layout or the European layout. The American version is quite notorious, thanks largely to the additional zero position, the “double zero”. This pushes the house edge up to 5.26%, almost double that of the European version. However, the game is still exciting for many due to the added risk element. On the other hand, both the European and the French version yield an average house edge percentage of 2.7%, which is far more palatable for most participants. In addition to the lower house edge, the French version adds even more advantages with additional and exclusive wager options in La Partage and En Prison, further reducing the house edge to a really attractive 1.35%. This means that, for most, picking either the European or the French versions is the best way forward.

    Which Roulette Bets Should You Avoid?

    With so many options available on the table, it is important to know which ones should rather be avoided before playing, that way you eliminate any additional risks and improve your odds of winning. The basket bet, also known as a top line bet in American roulette, is a great example of a bet that should always be avoided. The basket bet covers the numbers 0-00-1-2-3 and carries a higher house edge 7.89% which is even higher than the already high house advantage of 5.26% in American roulette.

    Practice, Practice, Practice!

    There is so much scope within the game of roulette that covering it all in one guide is virtually impossible. With hundreds of interesting betting systems, strategies, roulette software and game types to try, the best bit of advice can often be to simply try as many as you can for yourself. The best way to try them is with free games at Play UK, where you can practice on free versions of our games to your heart’s content and beat roulette fair and square! Sign up right now if you are not yet a member and discover the best roulette games, casino bonuses, free games and much more for UK players.