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    Mobile Blackjack UK

    Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games, and PlayUK give you a great way to play blackjack online. The card game has been with us for well over 400 years and this version is its latest and most exciting incarnation. This is because it can be played on a smartphone or tablet so that you can game at your own convenience. Whether you are relaxing at home or are out and about, it’s easy to play mobile blackjack and win big.

    Playing blackjack online is something that anybody can enjoy. But just to help you out, we have provided you with a quick guide to help you understand the basics of how to play it. This will help you understand the basic strategy for playing this card game, and it should set you up to make a decent start against other blackjack players. So keep reading to see how you can enjoy this highly entertaining game at

    Standard Blackjack Rules

    It’s incredibly easy to play blackjack, and it is this fact that has helped blackjack become one of the world’s most popular card games. Simply put, you must compete against other players to get a winning hand. You can get a winning hand by making sure that your cards add up as close as possible to the value of 21.

    Face cards like kings, queens and jacks count as 10, while the numerical cards have their relevant values. When it comes to aces these can be used as either 11 or one. So if your blackjack hand had a king, a three, a four and an ace, this could either be 18 or 28. Playing 18 would give you a good chance of getting a winning hand, while 28 would obviously cause you to go bust.

    In terms of payouts, if you manage to get a higher hand that doesn’t go bust than the other online blackjack players, you will win your bets. But if you go bust or somebody else has a hand that is closer to 21 than you, then you will lose your bet.

    Types of Mobile Blackjack Games

    Standard Blackjack

    This is the basic game that you will find at most online casinos, and its gameplay is as we have described above. Make your bets and then try and get your cards to total as close as possible to 21 without going bust.

    3D Blackjack

    Most online blackjack variants will present you with a simple and straightforward two-dimensional view of the gaming table. But 3D blackjack makes full use of digital technologies to give you a much more realistic simulation of the card game that even features a pretty realistic-looking live dealer.

    Multi-Hand Blackjack

    Once you have mastered your basic blackjack strategy, then it could be worth giving multi-hand blackjack a try. This allows you to play up to five hands at the same time and it could add up helping you win bigger profits. However, it also comes at the risk of incurring bigger losses and it makes the process of card counting harder to work out.

    Low Limit Blackjack

    If you are new to this, it could be good to start out with low limit blackjack. This allows you to enter the betting action with a relatively small stake.

    High Limit Blackjack

    Once you’ve been playing blackjack a while, then why not take things up a level with high limit blackjack? This will make sure that you have a good chance of winning some big profits as you have to make a larger opening bet.

    Live Blackjack

    Live casino gaming is hugely exciting as it uses video technology to give you a realistic simulation of a physical casino. There will even be real-life dealer to guide you through the live blackjack gameplay.


    Understand the rules

    There’s no point playing this game unless you have a good understanding of the rules. Make sure that you know exactly what variant of blackjack the online casino offers, and be sure to clarify any issues with the dealer or customer support before you lay down your real money blackjack bets.

    Use bankroll management

    All experienced fans of this know that bankroll management is an essential blackjack strategy. This means that you can use tactics like the Fibonacci sequence to make sure that you can cover the inevitable loss and keep playing for longer.

    Play conservatively

    Similarly, the best way to succeed at this game is to know that everybody loses sooner or later. So make sure that you place low stakes bets and don’t get tempted into wagering more than you actually have.

    Nearly always double down on 11

    Doubling down allows you to double your bet mid-game by taking on extra card. This is a great tactic to try if you are on 11 as it gives you a much better statistical probability of not going bust.

    Never take insurance

    Insurance acts as a side-bet that you make with a dealer after all of the initial cards have been distributed and if the dealer shows an ace. However, insurance is statistically weighted towards the dealer and you would be taking a big risk if you took insurance.

    Free Mobile Blackjack Games

    All non-live games can be played for free

    If you are looking for free games of this, then you are in luck. This is because all of our non-live games can be enjoyed without you having to put your own real money bets down.

    Allows the player to practice before risking real money

    To bet on blackjack, real money is normally used to make the gameplay more exciting. But with free games, you’ll get to work out some trustworthy strategies that can help you win big the next time that you play this classic table game.

    Don’t play for too long, as the player is missing the chance to win money

    Although free blackjack games are fun, you’ll only know how good you really are when you bet with real money. So fire up your real money blackjack app and see just how much you can win.

    Mobile Browser and App Options

    Mobile browser advantages

    Like many other casino games, blackjack can easily be played via a mobile browser. This means that you don’t have to download any mobile device-specific software and can instead get straight into the action.

    App advantages

    Most blackjack mobile apps are specially optimised towards play on a smartphone or tablet. This means that you will often get a faster and more efficient gaming experience if you use one of the many excellent blackjack apps.

    Ultimately the choice of browser or app comes down to how you want to play blackjack. Mobile apps are great if you know that you prefer one mobile casino over another. But if you like flexibility to move between different mobile casinos for your mobile blackjack games, then there would be little point in cluttering up your device with lots of different apps.

    Mobile Blackjack Bonuses

    This is just one of the many casino games such as video poker that have some great bonuses at PlayUK. These range from a generous welcome bonus package to many other promotions like a VIP Player scheme that gives you rewards for each time that you play.


    Blackjack is one of the simplest and exciting casino games around. The arrival of this exciting game has made this card game even more convenient and enjoyable. We’ve got a great range of variants like mobile European blackjack that give you an easy way to play on a smartphone or tablet. This means that you can play blackjack and win big at home or out and about. Just don’t forget to pick up our welcome bonus for the best way to boost your profits.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    While we have covered the game in significant detail, we can understand that there maybe some things that we have missed and as a result, we have endeavoured to answer a number of questions in detail below!

    Why play mobile blackjack?

    This game gives you a fun and easy way to play this classic card game. It’s a game that’s easy to play, yet tricky to master. Plus the fact that you can make some big real money winnings with mobile blackjack shouldn’t be ignored.

    Are the rules the same as desktop blackjack?

    Blackjack mobile rules are exactly the same as you’d experience when playing the card game on a desktop or laptop computer. The only difference is that you get to enjoy more convenience when playing via a smartphone or tablet.

    Can I still win the same prizes?

    You might find that mobile casinos sometimes offer different prizes, but these should be on par with what you can find from standard online blackjack games.

    Can I use the same account?

    Yes, all decent online casinos will allow you to access the same account regardless of whether you play via a mobile app or browser.

    Is mobile blackjack fair?

    The best way to check is to make sure that the online casino has a license from the UK Gambling Commission. This means that the gameplay will be unbiased and that you should also get plenty of customer protection.